Ali Rezaei Birjandi


He was born in 1339 (Birjand County) and after completion of his elementary school, applied for studying in Seminary of Birjand eleven years later. After passing the basic compulsory subjects such as Arab literature could enter to Seminary of Qom in 1356 and then started to attend the higher educational level by attending the lectures of Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani, Fazel Lankarani, Vahid Khorasani and Sheikh Javad Tabrizi. He attended the Ayatollah Javadi Amoli’s lectures to learn interpretation of Quran and started to teach this subject by his order. He became succeed to obtain master degree in theism and Islamic science in 1373. Now, he is working on his phd thesis in ‘’metempsychosis phenomenon’’. He also strived against Saddam Hussein’s forces during Iran-Iraq war for two years.

Careers and activities:

1)      The chief of the Islamic centre of the north west of Iran

2)      The cultural consultant of the ministry of culture and higher education of Iran

3)      The cultural consultant of the Tarbiat Modarres (means pedagogy) Universoty of Iran

4)      The cultural president assistant of the centre of supervision on mosques affairs

5)      The member of the Quranic Vocabularies cultural centre of the Seminary of Qom

6)      The manager of Quran section of the research center of the Islamic sciences

7)      The guide of many thesis’s in universities in Quranic sciences and philosophy

8)      The member of the Islamic cultural sciences research centre



1)      Coordination in Quran Vocabularies or the key to access the concepts of Quran in thirty volumes

2)      Freedom in Quran – 1383

3)      Coordination in writing of Quranic vocabulary

4)      Concept of respect in Quran

5)       Mosque in the Islamic culture and civilization

6)      The wise people characteristics in Quran

7)      The origins and concepts of interpretation

8)      The Sabah Prayer elaboration


1)      An introduction on the relationship between Quran and modern sciences

2)      The secular intellectuals

3)      The educational system of the mosques

4)      The dictionary of Quran

5)      Existed debates and lacks in mosques of the world and Iran



1)      Interpretation and beliefs ( compulsory subject of seminary)

2)      Teaching of the seminary sciences in Masoumieh School

3)      The Islamic science subject teaching in the university of Birjand, University of Tehran, Allameh Tabatabaei University of Tehran, Tarbiat Modarres University of Tehran

4)      The concepts of Quran teaching in the global centre of the Islamic sciences

5)      Interpretation of Quran teaching


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