Alireza Rajaei Tehrani


Alireza Rajaei Tehrani

(The Imam of Abulfazl Mosque of Tehran)

He was born in 1346-Tehran and after passing of his elementary school, started to study in Islamic Sciences in seminary at the same time with studying in high school. One of his famous teachers is Ayatollah Haq Shenas.

Scientific activities:

Teaching in seminary, lecturer in some of universities, guide teacher for some of university thesis in master and phd courses, many interviews with the most famous newspapers and magazines of Iran, religious discussions in the National Media of Iran.


He has written more than forty books and textbooks such as:

1)      Translation of Sajjadieh Sahifeh (prayer)

2)      The angles in Quran, reason and narration

3)      Devil and jinn

4)      Hundred questions and answers about Imam Mahdi

5)      Similes and allegories in the martyr Motahari’s words

6)      Children, younker and young in Martyr Motahari’s words

7)      The secrets and effects of Fatemah-Al-Zahra prayer

8)      Felicities and effects of Imam Hussein in universe and here after

9)      Fatemah Al-Zahra

10)  The translation of Lahouf (Bin Tavous)

11)  Invisible news from Ahlul Bait

12)  Fire in the sanctum

13)  The mother of sorrows

14)  The memorise of the burned tents

15)  Mystical whisperings

16)  The sin party, a p-lace to forgot belief

17)  Al-Salat in Nahjul Balaqeh

18)  Two amorous Rak’ah ( prostration)

19)  The adventures of two brothers (about Imam Hassan And Imam Hussein)

20)  Look with me (a collection about holly defence period articles) , means Iran-Iraq war

21)   The elaboration of Amirul Momenin Imam Ali in Koufeh Mosque 

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