Ayatollah Sayyed Razi Shirazi

Ayatollah Sayyed Razi Shirazi, masjed, mosque, imam, the center of supervision on mosques afairs, ayatollah

 (The Imam of Shafa Mosque of Tehran)

He is the grandson of Mirza-e-Shirazi and was born In Najaf County of Iraq. He studied in Seminary of Najaf till thirty years old and was the student of some great Ayatollahs such as Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Shirazi, Ayatollah Mohammad Kazem Shirazi, descent Kashif-Al-Qeta. He could be the student of some other Seniors of Islamic seminaries such as Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Amoli, Mirza Mahdi Al-Haghmashei and Ayatollah Raffiee Zanjani.



1)      Critics and design of ideological thoughts

2)      A description on Ayatollah Sabzevari’s Manzoumeh

3)      Talighat Books (in two volumes)

4)      Reason in theory and practice (in two volumes)


*** He has very close and fair relations with non-Muslim people. That’s why more than 400 non-Muslims has joined Islam coz of having some discussions with him.


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