Ayatullah Sayyed Mustafa Khoram Abadi




He was born in a religious family. His 3rd progenitor was descent Ayatullah Sayyed Shams who was one the students of descent Khatam-ul-Foqaha Sheikh Ansari. He learned the basic and interchange literature and religious lessons from his uncle, descent Haj Sayyed Muhammad Reza Khoram Abadi. Then he continued his higher education in religious science by attending the lectures of descent Grand Ayatollah Haj ruhollah Kamalvand Khoram Abadi. He was teaching Nahjul Balaqeh Also.


Responsibilities and jobs:

Imam of Abadeh County for two years

Imam of Imam Sadeq Mosque in Sayyed Khandan Distrcit (Tehran) since 1981.



A description on Nodbeh Pray

Shabanieh Sermon

Life book of Honor Zeinab and Imam Sajjad (best regards of God to them)

Interpretation of Honor Zahra'd sermon   



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