Dr. Al Husseini


He was born in (   ) in Najaf City of Iraq and started to study in seminary since his childhood and could get phd also in the Philosophy of Language and comparative literature in 1979. He is allowed to description Hadis by Ayatollah Aqa Bozorg Tehrani. His the fisrt compilation was: دراسات و تحقیقات فی التراث الاسلامی  which was written and published in Beirut in 1977. He migrated to Iran after revolution and started to teach in universities and seminaries of Iran such as Imam Sadiq University and the Supreme School of Shahid Motahari.


1)      علم اللغه التوحیدی بین النظریه و التطبیق

2)      فقه اللغه و علم اللغهخ الحدیث

3)      Collecting some poems about the Imams of Shiite in three languages (Persian, Arabic and English)

4)      The kumail pray, Sama’at pray and Arafeh pray

5)      Writing some articles in Arabic, English and Persian

Careers and activities:          

1)      The Imam of Masjed-Al-Reza

2)      Teacher in seminaries and universities of Iran

3)      Establishment of the Imam Reza Society in Iran 

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