Dr. Sayyed farajullah Mousavi


He is the Imam of Rezvan Mosque of Tehran and was born in 1954 (Izeh County). He passed his elementary school in Ahwaz and then immigrated to Qom and was admitted to the Ayatollah Ansari Seminary of Qom. He could continue his academic studies along the given subjects by seminary and could get bachelor in Persian Language before Islamic revolution. Then, he entered to the Ministry of Education as employee. By shaping and increase of the popular protest against the Pahlavi Regime, he was arrested and jailed cause of coordination with the revolutionary forces in process of protests. He could get master in Persian language literature in 1985 and was admitted as doctoral candidate in 1995.

Careers and activities:  

1)      The president of the Islamic Azad University of Izeh

2)      The president of the Islamic Azad University of Shoushtar

3)      The Imam of Rezvan Mosque of Tehran

4)      The chief assistant of the cultural deputyship of the centre of supervision on mosques affairs

5)      Arabic studying of Quran and Hadis

6)      A word of thousands one

7)      The effect of Yousef Surah of Quran on the rules of Persian Language

8)      The elementary Farsi

9)      The public Farsi

10)  A new view on the interpretation of Nahjul Balaqeh (two volumes)

11)  The comprehensive description of Kelileh and demneh

12)  The signs of Maad concept in Masnavi

13)  The signs of Namaz (Salaat) in rules of Farsi

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