Dr. Sayyed Jamaluddin Mousavi


The Imam of Imam Mousa Bin Jafar Mosque of Tehran

He was born in 1954 (Isfahan County) and lost his father when he was just three years old. After getting diploma, he immigrated to Qom to continue his studies in seminary in 1332 and was successful to pass the elementary and middle levels of seminary within seven years. Then he started to continue and complete his education by attending the lectures of many great teachers such as Ayatollah MAdani, Ayatollah Yazdi, Ayatollah Khoei, Ayatollah Hassan Isfahani, descent Haj Sheikh Mojataba Lankarani, Sheikh Mohammad Hassan Dehaghani, Sayyed Hassan Qomi, Mirza Hassan YAzdi, Sheikh Mohammad BAqer Qomi, Mirza Hassan Yazdi and Shaikh Yadullah Najaf Abadi. He is graduated in Philosophy (Doctoral Degree)

Careers and activities:

1)      Establishment of the Islamic Govt Magazine

2)      Coordination with the Islamic World educational and cultural centre

3)      Coordination in writing of Islamic Dictionary with descent Hassan Al-Aman Ameli

4)      Simultaneous translation of many scientific seminars


1)      The economic message of Quran

2)      The story of men

3)      Translation of Al-Qadir

4)      Al-Islam book translation

5)      The dignities of Faqih

6)      The traditions of history in Quran

7)      Social justice in Islam

8)      The Islamic economy

9)      Translation of the pragmatic psychology

10)  Translation of Shiite thought and Allameh Mozaffar

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