Ehsan Zahedi


He is the Imam of Imam Mousa Jafar Mosque of Tehran and was born in Kashan (1336). His mother was the Quran teacher of the women seminary.


He passed the elementary school in his home city and after completion of the high school level, went to the seminary of Kashan County to continue his studies in Islamic sciences. After revolution of Iran, he came back to seminary to study philosophy, interpretation and moral sciences by attending the lectures of Ayatollah Vejdani, Ayatollah Bakooei, Ayatollah Erfani, Ayatollah Mohammadi, Rasti KAshani, Mohaqeq-e-Damad, Javadi Amouli, Meshkini, Mazaheri, Ansari Shirazi, Gerami and Bahjat.


1)      The Husseini thoughts

2)      The highest point of Human Development

3)      Fall and rise of speech

4)      The Islamic Scientists dignity in the absence era

5)      The public servicing movement

6)       Quran, the permanent miracle

7)      Eteka’af, the lovely whispering

8)      Forty flowers from the Alavi Garden

9)      Forty flowers from the Razavi Garden

10)  Forty flowers from the Husseini Garden

11)  Forty flowers from the Nabavi Garden

12)  The whispering of love, the translation of prayers and Quran texts

13)  The mystical whisperings, Komeil prayer translation

14)  The mystical whisperings, Nodbeh prayer translation

15)  The mystical whisperings, TAvasol and Sama’at prayers translation

16)  The mystical whisperings, Ziarah of Ashoura and Alqameh prayers translation

Imam Khomeini’s view on freedo
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