Hassan Akhound Pour


He is the Imam of Vali Asr Mosque of Tehran and was born in 1345. He was admitted to seminary in 1363 when he was eighteen years old and after completion of Sath and Osoul, applied for higher education level. He had been Imam of Jama’ah for fourteen years.

Careers and activities:

1)      Director of the ‘’Talash and Padash’’ lectures and the ‘’commode of rewards’’ plan innovation in schools

2)      organizing the cultural trips for Basij forces

3)      Presence in frontiers during Iran-Iraq war

4)      Direction of showrooms in cultural centres and mosques


1)      Monthly magazines publishing in various centres

2)      After Ashoura

3)      Masjed and Namaz (Mosque and Salaat)

4)      Curio

5)      Divine letter

6)      From school to university

7)      We are two brothers

8)      Similar to water

9)      The memories of a clergy

10)  Childish

11)  The people of Tehran

12)  The little resurrection

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