Hussein Ali Moravvej Asad Abadi


He was born in 1945 in one of the villages of Asad Abad county of Hamedan Province. He learned Quran by attending the lectures of his fathe, Haj Sheikh Hassan Moravvej wo was one of the most famous Ayatollahs of Hamedan. Then, he went to Hamedan to learn the elementary Islamic lessons in Ayatollah Molla Ali Seminary of the County. After completion this level, he migrated to Kermanshah to continue his studying in ayatollah Boroujerdi Seminary which was located in this county. He was arrested in 1955 and 1963 by SAVAC (The intelligent security Org of Pahlavi Regime) for two times.

He has researched in technical and art beside of studying in seminary and could run some shows which are listed by name in the current page.


1)      Electronic seal for Imams of mosques

2)       The special board for mosques

3)      Earthquake alarm


1)      Some religious, moral, social and historical dramas

2)      The script of the holly love movie

Some of his scripts and dramas:

1)      The martyrs of monotheism

2)      Just a little attempt

3)      Condemned in court

4)      Chivalrous gourmet

5)      The idolatrous teacher

6)      Ammar and Yasser

7)      The rescue angels 

8)      The funny servant

9)      The secret of the books

10)  The miser lord

11)  The intrusive guest

12)  The devils

13)  The devil of ignorance

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