Hojjatul islam Hussein Vaezi Nejad

Hojjatul islam Hussein Vaezi Nejad, the center of supervision on mosques affairs, imam, mosque, scholar

He is currently the Imam of Baqiat Allah Mosque of Tehran.

He was born in 1957 –Qahroud County. His father name was Haj Fat’hullah who was a religious and faithful person. He passed his elementary level of education in Anvari and Islami Schools of Qahroud and migrated to Qom in 1969 to continue his studying in higher education level in Feizieh Seminary of this county. Then, he came back to Qahroud and started to study the Islamic sciences in Ayatullah Yasrebi seminary. He was awarded Master Degree in Fiqh and Law from university at the same time.



1)      Quran and beliefs teaching in Kashan County

2)      Coordinating in establishing Jomhouri Islami Party in Khoramshar County and southern areas of Iran

3)      Staff of Sepah Pasdaran of Kashan and Construction Jahad of Iran

4)      Social activities in central office of the Islamic Propagandas  Org of Iran, Iqameh Namaz Headquarter, Foruq Farhang of Quran Headquarter, Cultural Foundation of Sermonizer Mahdi, The Islamic Centre of Students of Qahroud



1)      The purity of spirit ( Taharat of Rouh)

2)      The better futures in light of charity

3)      Namaz, the best pattern of worship

4)      Zakat in mirror of savage

5)      Fasting

6)      Enjoining and forbidding the evil

7)      Familiarity with Quran



1)      Aza’an

2)      Mahalleh Magazine

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