Ismaeil Ferdowsi Pour


Ismaeil Ferdowsi Pour

(The Imam of Qaem Mosque of Tehran)

He was born in 1938 and finished his elementary education in 1951. Then he continued his education in Imam Sadeq Seminary by Ayatollah Haj Sheikh Mojtaba Qazvini’s advice and completed his first level in seminary in Ferdows Seminary. He migrated to Najaf in 1951 to continue his education in higher levels by attending the lectures of Ayatollah Khoei, Vahid Khorasani, Mirza Baqer Zanjani, Sayyed Ali Sistani, Adib Neishabouri and Haj Hashem Qazvini for many years. During these years he could learn the Osoul and Makaseb subjects successfully.

He studied Fiqh and Osoul, Islamic Philosophy and Sherhi Isharat, MAnzoumeh, Mashaer, Arshieh, Asfa’ar from Ayatollah Haj Sheikh Mojtaba Qazvini.


Careers and activities:

1)      Joined to the revolutionary forces in 1962

2)      The member of the Imam Khomeini’s Office in Najaf

3)      The member of the central core of the Warrior Clergies Organization

4)      Travelling to the Arabic countries to explain the goals of the Iranian Revolution

5)      Accompaniment with Imam Khomeini from Iraq to France and Kuwait

6)      The chief of the Imam Khomeini’s Office in Paris

7)      The chief of the Imam Khomeini’s Office in Tehran

8)      The member of the Imam Khomeini’s Office in Tehran and Qom

9)      The chief of the number 100 Bank Account in the foundation of Housing

10)  The Imam Khomeini’s delegate in Ferdows County (1988)

11)  The delegate of the Ayatollah Khomeini, Araki, Golapaygani and the supreme leader of Iran in Hasbieh Affairs

12)  The president of the revolutionary court of Iran in Ferdows County

13)   The president of the revolutionary court of Khorasan State (appointed by Ayatollah Khomeini’s order)

14)   The elected senator by people of Tabas and Ferdows Counties in the Parliament of Iran

15)  The delegate of the Parliament of Iran in the National Media Organization of Iran in 1986-87

16)  The president assistant of the Ministry of Justice of Iran

17)  Attorney General of the Disciplinary Court of the Judges of Iran

18)  Teaching in the University and Educational Complex of the Judiciary of Iran

19)  The member of the Expert Commission of the Judges of Iran

20)  The president of the Court of the Administrative Justice of Iran

21)  The Supreme Consultant of the president of the Judiciary of Iran

22)  The member of the Policy Making Council of the Imams of Jom’a of Iran

23)  The special inspector of the courts of Iran (appointed by the supreme leader of Iran)



1)      Synchronized with the sun

2)      The memorises of Iran to Iran

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