Javan Malakouti


He is the Imam of the Qamar Bani Hashim Mosque which is located in Jey Sq of Tehran. He passed the elementary levels of religious studies in Maraqeh Seminary. He went to Qom County in 1963 to attend the lectures of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani, Ayatollah Khosro Shahi, Ayatollah DoozDoozaniha and some of the other scholars in Qom Seminary. He could obtain Bachelor Degree in 1974. Then, he got Phd Degree In Quran and Hadis from University of Tehran.



1)      Doctorate Thesis on ‘’ Dignity of Ahlul Bait in important interpretations of Sunni thinkers’’

2)      Master Thesis on ‘’ The characteristics of Makki and Madani Surahs of Quran’’


1)      Ikhlas

2)      Critical views on ban writing of Hadis

3)       Ahlol Bait and Tat’hir issue in important interpretations of Sunni thinkers


He has collected around 20 researches articles such as:

Miracles of Quran, methods and schools of interpretation, critics on translations of Quran, the source of diversities in interpretation of Quran, the interpretation of Naba Surah, divergence in interpretative religions in Quranic science and some other articles on Quran and Hadis.


*** Hujatul Islam Malakouti was arrested and imprisonment in 1978. He had some activities aboutthe holly war (Iran-Iraq war).

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