Mahdi Mahmoudi


He is the imam of Varamin Mosque in rajaei St of Tehran presently and was born in Mhallat County. After obtaining Diploma degree, he was admitted in Varamin Seminary and studied Islamic Science in the mentioned seminary for five years. Then, he migrated to Qom and continued his studies in the seminary of Qom for eight years and was appointed as the principal and teacher of the Seminary of Varamin.


1)      The techniques of calligraphy

2)      The clergy charter

3)      Nastaliq font training

4)      The last part of Quran Book

5)      Pato-e-noor complex


1)      Review of Marmoolak Movie

2)      Solutions for development of clergy dresses

3)      From real discovering and intuition to business and Demagoguery

The other works:

1)      Hazrat Zahra poster design

2)      Saghalein poster design

3)      Imam Zaman poster design

4)      Salavat tableau (calligraphy work)

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