Mahioddin Bahram Mohammadian


He is the Imam of Noor Mosque of Tehran currently and was born in 1962. He had passed the higher educational level in Seminary of Qom by attending the lectures of ayatollah Sharabiani, Ayatollah javadi and Ayatollah Sayyed jalal Ashtiani. We have to mention that his most studies had been in interpretation of Quran and philosophy. He had learned Fiqh and Osuoul from Ayatollah Bostan Abadi, Ayatollah Sotoudeh, Ayatollah Qaravi, Ayatollah Etemadi Doozdoozani, Ayatollah Sobhani, Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani, Ayatollah Iravani and Ayatollah Mousavi Bojnourdi.



1)      Teaching in high schools in Islamic vision subject, philosophy and logic

2)      Teaching in universities in Islamic vision subject since 1981 till 1989

3)      The cultural expert in Intellectual Development Centre of Kids and Children of Azeirbaijan Province

4)      The chief of Human Resorces Section of Nihzat Savad Amouzi Org of Azerbaijan Province

5)        The associate principal of education section of Nihzat Savad Amouzi Org of Iran

6)      The vice-principal of the delegate of Vali Faqih in Nihzat Savad Amouzi Org of Iran

7)      The vice-minister in Parents and Teachers Association Org of Iran

8)      The associate-principal of the minister in parliament affairs of Iran

9)      The minister consultant of the minister in religious minorities affairs of Iran

10)  The legal assistant of the Education Ministry of Iran in the parliament

11)  The programming assistant of the Central Staff of Iqameh of Sala’at of Iran

12)  The consultant of the chief of the National Media Org of Iran

13)  The member of Basij


1)      The children rights in Islam

2)      The childhood days memories

3)      Ashoura in the mirror of history and literature

4)      Reforms in Ashoura culture

5)      The government of Quran

6)      The notes and interpretations

7)      The Quran Dictionary

8)      The translation of the Moein Interpretation Book

9)      Like an angel

10)  The basic discussions in interpretation of Quran

11)  The footprint of thought

12)  The meaning of science and scientist in Quran

13)  The Shia Commentators

14)  Rewrite of Majma-Al-Bahrain



1)      The editorials of Niayesh Magazine

2)      The names of Quran and their events

3)      Revelation of Quran in Ramadan

4)      The Khazaei Orison

5)      About Feiz-e-kashani

6)      About Nahj-Al-Balaqeh

7)      Art in Quran

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