Hojatul Islam Dr. Majid Shalchi


Dr. Shalchi was appointed as the Imam of Malek ashtar Mosque since 2001 and then he ecame the Imam of Haj Najaf Mosque since 1383 till now.


Resume and activities:

1)      Special deligate of the supreme leader of Iran, ayatollah Khamenei, in Haj and Ziarah Org of Iran

2)      Sheepskin holder of the  Centre of Supervision on Mosques Affairs

3)      The chief of the doctrinal and political section of Iranian Military (psychic force) in 90’s decade

4)      Special Sir of the Air Force of Islamic Republic of Iran in official affairs

5)       Master and Phd Degrees holder in Politics (issued by Human Science University)

6)      Sensi Degree in Karate from Japan (Shitorio Style)

7)      Acquainted with English, Serbian and Arabic languages



1)      Ashti konan (Reconciliation)

2)      Hakimaneh (Philosophical)

3)      Ba montazera’an ( along unexpected people)

4)      Sireh-e- farzanegan (the behaviour of wises)

5)      Faraz’haee az Haj (some phrases of Haj)

6)       Identity of women view in various societies in world

7)       Women rights ( cultural, social and religious views)

8)      Gazing stock

9)      Description of the light of guidance inscription (collected in 20 volumes)

10)   Haft shahr-e- Eshgh (the seven cities of love)  

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