Mohammad Ali Hussein Zadeh


He is from west Azerbaijan State of Iran and was born in (    ) and admitted to the seminary of Qom in (   ) to study in Islamic Science in seminaries of this city. He was higher educated in (    ) and started to teach in universities and finally migrated to Tehran from Qom in (    ) and appointed by people as the Imam of the Ali Bin Mousa Al Reza Mosque of Tehran.


1)      Music in Islamic view

2)      The travel of photo

3)      Islamic morality and fostering

4)      A study on Jew religion

5)      The Islamic morality in Iran

6)      Islam and politics

7)      Human creation in Quran view

8)      Reason and justice

9)      Accompany  with Ali in Mera’aj

10)  Imamat and Nabov’vat

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