Mohammad Karima


Mohammad Karima

(The Imam of Shisheh Mosque of Tehran)

He was born in 1957 in Boroujerd County and is one of the exclusive students of Martyr Ayatollah Madani and migrated to Tehran. He is the student of Supreme Leader of Iran presently. Hojatul Islam Karima was prisoner for one year at the time of Pahlavi Regime.



1)      The Imam Jom’e of Ishtihard and Sa’adat Shahr Counties

2)      The chief of delegation office of the Jom’e Imams of Fars Province

3)      The staff of the Iqame Namaz Org of Iran

4)      Part-time staff of the Supreme Leader of Iran’s office


1)      Chehel Hadis (Chehel means forty in Persian language)

2)      The politeness of God

3)      Our answers to your questions 

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