Mohammad Reza Akbari


Mohammad Reza Akbari

(The Imam of Amir Al- Momenin Mosque of Tehran)

He migrated from Isfahan to Qom before Islamic revolution of Iran and passed the subjects of seminary such as Rasael, Makaseb and Kefayeh, philosophy, Hadis, Aklaq,Kalam and erfan by attending the lectures of the prominent lecturers and teachers and finally could pass Fiqh and Osoul within a seminary term. He started to write in 1360 an by obtaining Ijtihad Degree (certified by Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi) in 1370,immigrated to Isfahan and lived there for more than ten years till 1379 that he came to Tehran. He learned some of important and complicated subjects such as Asfaar, Bedayeh, Fosousul Hikam and Erfan from Ayatollah Hassanzadeh Amoli, Ayatollah Javadi Amoli, Ayatollah Ebrahimi, Ayatollah Ostadi and Ayatollah Sobhani.


1)      Penitence or inner revolution

2)      How do we pray?

3)      Belief and paganism

4)      The interpretation of Salaat

5)      Hijab in our era

6)      Detailed insight

7)      The features of Imam Ali

8)      The features of Imam Hussein

9)      The Features of Fatima

10)  The raised flag (The features of Imam Mahdi)

11)  An analysis of Velayat Faqih

12)  The feautures of Basij

13)  The methods of Amr Bil Marouf

14)  Imam Khomeini’s Testator

15)  Familiar and non familiar

16)  Nahul Kerameh (the Imam Hussein’s Words)

17)  Ant

18)  The lessons of history

19)  The stories of Quran

20)  Educational stories

21)  Spiritual stories

22)  Didactic stories for women

23)  Sweet stories

24)  Educational stories of the fourteen innocent ones

25)  Learn from animals

26)  The wonderful magics of the fourteen innocent ones

27)  The message of Itrat about hijab

28)  Ifaf

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