Mohammad Reza Hatam Pouri


Mohammad Reza Hatam Pouri

(The Imam of Ali Ibn Hussein Mosque of Tehran)

This mosque is located in Abouzar Blvd of Tehran. He was born in a cultural and scientific family. He went to the frontiers of war against Iraq when he was only 13 years old. Then he went to seminary and studied in high school also ate the same time and finally coul obtain bachelor. He attends the lectures of the supreme leader of Iran now.

Careers and activities:

1)      The chief of the supreme leader of Iran’s office in the University of Khajeh Nasir of Tehran

2)      Teaching in universities, seminaries, Sepah and the army of Iran

3)      The chief assistant of the Qadir International Foundation

4)      The president assistant of the centre of supervision on mosques affairs

5)      The supervisor of the supreme leader of Iran’s delegates affairs

6)      The Imam of Imam Ali Bin Hussain Mosque of Tehran


1)      The conditions of a suitable marriage

2)      About Imam Ali ( in three volumes)

3)      Decoration and ornamentation ( about moral issues and ethical advices)

4)      Children fostering and education

5)      The love story


1)      Our responsibilities in the time of absence

2)      Some discussions on human virtue and spirit

3)      A discussion on Ma’ad (resurrection)

4)      About the Velayat of Ali (the first Imam of Shiite)

5)      Haram rejection

6)      Some poems about Ahl-Al-Bait 

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