Mohammad Reza Heshmati


He is the Imam of Hazrat Aboulfazl Mosque of Shahrak Qarb Area of Tehran and was born in 1337. After completion of the second level of seminary (Fiqh and Osoul) admitted to university and could obtain Bachelor in Statistics.

Careers and activities:

1)      The member of the construction Jihad Org of Tehran (1359)

2)      The cultural director of the second zone of the state (1363)

3)      The army logistic director during the war (1367)

4)      The states affairs director of the Islamic Propagandas Org (1367)

5)      The director of missionary detachment to abroad

6)       The chief assistant of Islamic Propagandas Org of Iran (1374)

7)      The senior manager of the Islamic Propagandas Org in civil affairs (1376)

8)      The minister of culture’s delegate for the ceremony of 100th Imam Khomeini’s birthday

9)       The minister’s delegate in Amr Bil Maroof staff

10)  The chief of committee of selecting the Quran servants of Iran in six terms

11)  The Imam of Hazrat Aboplfazl Mosque of Tehran

12)  The minister consultant and director of the supreme committee of the cultural artistic institutions of the mosques of Iran

13)  The member of the board of the directors of the publication and printing Org of the Ministry of Culture

14)  The member of the public culture council

15)  The minister’s delegate in the Sala’at Staff

16)  The manager of the mosques of Iran Press


1)      Mosques revival

2)      The hopes and worries

3)      The construction guide for the mosques


1)      Ramadan and the closed mosques

2)      Muharram and schematization

3)      Ramadan and generously spread

Designs and programming:

1)      Design and programming of the cultural activities of Kurdistan areas

2)      Organising of the construction Jihad Org of Fars State

3)      Organising of the Islamic Propagandas Org office

4)      Winner of the exemplary manager of Iran honour by the President of Iran and the Minister of Culture


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