Mohammad Taqi Hakim


He was born in Shoushtar County (1305) and after completion of elementary school level, passed the elementary and basic lessons of Islamic sciences in the Seminary of Qom. Then migrated to Najaf to learn the higher levels of seminary lessons by attending the lectures of Ayatollah Khoei and Ayatollah Hakim and presently is the Imam of Jame Mosque of Bou Ali since 1340. He teaches in universities since 1363 in Persian literature of faculty of the University of Tehran since 1363. He teaches also philosophy, logic, Arab literature, Osoul and Fiqh since 1368 and is allowed to narrate Hadis from Allameh Aqa Bozorg Tehrani.

Careers and activities:

1)      Travelling abroad to propagate Islam

2)      Clinic establishment

3)      Establishment of the public library of Ayatollah Hakim in Mashhad


1)      Women rights in Islam

2)      Women rights and its limitations in Islam

3)      The Hajj rites

4)      The learning guide for Tajzieh, Tarkib, Sarf and Nahv of Arabic Language

5)      Imam Mousa Bin Jafar’s words

6)      The father and son

7)      The secrets and philosophy of Hajj

8)      Imam Ali’s words inspirations

9)      The hajj rites according to Ayatollah Hakim’s Fatwa

10)  Some lessons from Imam Sadeq’s lectures

11)  Food and drink

12)  The message of prophet

13)  Quran by Quran language

14)  How do we read Quran

15)  Daqaieq-Al-Tohid in Nahjul Balaqeh

16)  The English version of the father and son


1)      Nahjul Balaqeh

2)      How ca Muslims develop?

3)      The philosophy of Sala’at

4)      Chidren education

5)      God talks to you

6)      Quran in Quran

7)      Deffence

8)      Majd and Azimat

9)      Married life

10)  The pearl necklace

11)  How to read Quran

12)  Reforming ourselves in Ramadan

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