Mohammad Taqi Vahidi Golpaygani


He was born in a religious family whose father and mother were educated. He studied arab Literature and passed the elementary school, then he went to Qom to continue his higher education studing in Razavieg Seminary, Haj Molla Sadegh Seminarty and Dar-al-Shafa. He studied in Feizieh Seminary for ten years and passed the highest level;s in Islamic science. Some of his teachers had been: Ayatollah Meshkini, Ayatollah sotoudeh, ayatollah Fazel lankarani and descent Haj Sheikh jalal Golpaygani. He learned ‘’Manzoumeh’’ under authority of Ayatollah Mustafa Khomeini (son of Imam Khomeini) and ‘’Kharej-e-Fiqh’’ under authority of descent Imam Khomeini. He learned ‘’law’’ by attending the lectures of descent Ayatollah Boroujerdi.


Responsibilities and jobs:

1)      Commander of the committees of 9th and 10th areas of Tehran

2)      Chief of Center of Consideration to Mosques Affairs ( south of Tehran branch)

3)      The founder of Shahid Gomnam Samaritan Hospital



1)      Quranic skills (two volumes)

2)      Quran and Velayat

3)      Ijtihad, taqlid and Velayat of Faqih

4)      Some articles on Quran miracle which are published in Quranic dictionaries.


·         His first essay was published in 1978

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