Sayyed Aboulfazl Husseini Raad


He is from Zanjan County and was born in (   ). After completion of the elementary school level, he went to Qom to continue his studies in Islamic science. That’s why he was applied in the descent Ayatollah Golpayegani School of Qom. Then he migrated to Mashhad to continue his higher education in this city. So he was honoured to attend the lectures of Ayatollah Tabasi, Ayatollah Hashemi Khorasani, Ayatollah Salehi Balkhi and Ayatollah Khamenei (The supreme leader of Iran). He came back to Qom again to use of the worthy lectures of Ayatollah Javadi Amuli, Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani, Ayatollah Sotoudeh and Ayatollah Meshkini. Before revolution of Iran he was arrested mane times by SAVAK.

Careers and activities:

1)      The chief of the Islamic Revolution Committee of Qiamdasht district of Tehran

2)      The chief of the Imam Khomeini’s delegation office in Jahad Sazandegi Org of Varamin County

3)      Some activities in the special court for the clergies of Iran

4)      Fighting in the frontiers of war against Iraq during Iran-Iraq war for more than three years

5)      The Imam of Sahb-Al-Zaman Mosque of Qiamdasht for more than twenty years

6)      The Imam of Arbab Mosque of Tehran


1)      Expressions and idols of the traditional treatment

2)      The Islamic traditional treatment in the Muslims world

3)      Creation of the Mosques Dictionary 

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