Sayyed Ali Akbar Husseini


Sayyed Ali Akbar Husseini

(The Imam of Faiq Mosque of Tehran)

This mosque is located in Iran St of Tehran

He was born in 1939 in Tehran. After passing the elementary school level entered to seminaries of Qom and Tehran (from elementary level to higher educational level). He could educate in University of Tehran also in Persian Literature and psychology. We can point to Ayatollah Tabatabaei, Allameh Tehrani, Shahid Beheshti, Atyatollah Javadi Amuli, Ayatollah Sobhani and Ayatollah Khoshvaght as some of his teachers in seminary and university.



1)      Hi sun (five volumes), this book is about the life of the holly prophet of Islam

2)      Moral family

3)      Some advices to youth for marriage

4)      The textbooks of the schools ( for Islamic view subject)

5)      Fostering and education in family



1)      School teacher till 1978

2)      Executing some various TV shows in the national TV of Iran in morality, religion and family fields

3)      The Imam of Faiq Mosque

4)      University and seminary teacher

5)      The elected senator of Tehran in the parliament for two terms

6)      The president of the Education Committee  of the parliament

7)      Lecturer in many seminars and conferences in Iran

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