Sayyed Ali Naqi Amin


He was born in (    ) and started his studies in the Seminary of Sabzevarby attending the lectures of some greatest teachers such as Sheikh Nezam-Al-Din Gonabadi and then took lessons of his higher education level from Ayatollah Sayyed Abul Hassan Isfahaniand Ayatollah Mirza Mahdi Feqahati. Also he learned philosophy from Fazel Hashemi and Modarres Asrari. He is certified to describe and convey Hadis and its references by Allameh Aqa Bozorg Tehrani, Ayatollah Sayyed MAhmoud Shahroudi, Sayyed Mohsen Hakim, Allameh Semnani, Sayyed Abdul Ali Sabzevari, Haj Mirza Hassan Siadati and Faqih Sabzevari. He was one of the revolutionary activist in the process of fighting against Pahlavi Regime.  


1)      Theism and the Islamic beliefs

2)      The interpretation of Kumail pray

3)      The logic of mysticism

4)      The history of Sabzevar (one of the counties of Khorasan State of Iran)

5)      The display of God

Carers and activities:

He was teaching Fiqh and Osoul in Sepahsala’ar School and Khatamul Anbia School. He is the Imam of Khatamul Anbia Mosque of Tehranpars District for more than 30 years.


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