Sayyed Jalal Mohebbi


Sayyed Jalal Mohebbi

(The Imam of Imam Khomeini Mosque of Tehran)

He was born in 1942 in Alvand County (located in Qazvin Province) and passed his elementary school in the mentioned county. He entered to Seminary of Qazvin when he was twelve years old and started to teach in this seminary as the student of Sayyed Aboul Hassan Rafiei. Then he joined popular revolutionary forces against Pahlavi Regime and was arrested by SAVAC Org. coz of attending the freedom celebration of Imam Khomeini. He was released from prison in 1964 and came to Tehran to continue his lectures. He joined the clergies who took sanctuary in the yard of University of Tehran. He joined Jomhouri-e-Islami party after revolution.



1)      The member of jomhouri-e-Islami party

2)      The imam of Imam Khomeini Mosque of Tehran

3)      Staff of the Islamic Propagandas org of Iran

4)      The delegate of Islamic Propagandas org of Iran in the Iranian airports


1)      The star of the dark night

2)      The Hajj rites

3)      Allowed and not allowed in Islam

4)      Journey, its customs and virtues

5)      The annual Khoms

6)        The religious command about Music

7)      Doa (pray) and its barriers to compliance

8)      The comprehensive testator

9)      A sip of the sea

10)   The governmental law and rules of islam


1)      The governmental horse

2)      Unveiling as a distressful phenomenon

3)      Fighting against social corruption

4)      What is cigarette?

5)      Ziarah and its customs

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