Sayyed Jamaluddin Din Parvar


He is one the successful students of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi and his first book was published in 1959. His first book name is ‘’the women movement adventure’’ which is a critical political-religious book.


1)      The women movement adventure

2)      One thousand and one reasons

3)      The righteous conqueror

4)      The life bloom fostering ( the Islamic upbringing  methods for children)

5)      Islamic Self refinement

6)      Before the sun ( a textbook for women in the seminaries of Iran)

7)      Awake at night

8)      Summarization of the Javaher-Al-Kala’am

9)      تلخیص کتاب جواهر الکلام (the complete Islamic Fiqh)

10)  The Persian Nahj-Al-Balaqih

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