Sayyed Soleyman Mousavi Mehr






He was born in a religious family from Saraab County in 1316 Hijri Shamsi. He passed the elementary education in his home town and went to Qom in 1329 Hijri Shamsi to improve his educational level in religious science. He could attend the higher educational lectures in 1338 Hijri Shamsi.


Responsibilities and jobs:

Islamic Science teacher in some of Iranian provinces such as Gilan, Kurdestan, Khorasan, East Azerbayjan, Isfahan and Mazandaran

Manager of Golpaygan Seminary by descent Grand Ayatollah Golpayegani's order

Founder of library, council for resolving problems and struggles (for people)

Exclusive Imam of Jama'ah of Iran in 1382 Hijri Shamsi



Al-Kashf-Al-Mozouei for Holy Quran

Light in darkness

Cultural methods of Quran

Definition of Monafeq in Qura



The background of Meraaj of Holy prophet of Islam

Role of Quran in improvement of behavior

Magnificent Quran

Educational essays


His first essay was written in 1369 Hijri Shamsi 




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