Valiullah Rastgar


Valiullah Rastgar

(The Imam of Imam Reza Mosque of Narmak District of Tehran)

He was born in Jouibar County (1335) and then applied to study in Seminary of Qom in 1351. He studied for twelve years in this seminary and attended the lectures of Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi and then, learned more for three years in higher education level from him. He is graduated from the supreme judicial and cultural school of Qom in BA. He has attended the lectures of the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei since 1374 and passed a course of interpretation and philosophy in Qom. He has coordination with the Army of Iran also more than twenty years and started his activities in cultural and Islamic fields since 1374.


1)      Art and artist in Islamic system

2)      Jesus in Quran

3)      The spiritual and educational effects of Hajj

4)      Extravagance from Imam Ali’s view

5)      Continence from Imam Ali’s view


1)      The personal characters of Imam Ali

2)      Devil’s seductions

3)      Dialogue in Islam

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