Mosques and the honour students

mosque, Mosques and the honour students, children, students and mosques, the cener of supervision on mosques affairs

By: Omid Pishgar

Taranslator: Vahid Pourtajrishi

One of the most important principles in attraction our audiences, is paying attention to their interests and needs. Supremacy of the privileged students in knowledge level is clear. But there are some additional factors which distinguish them from others such as their higher cleverness, more attempts, concentration, innovator thought, more logic and etc. These factors have to be attended in relation with these students. This kind of students follows the way that is able to convince them more with its messages and transferring the concepts. That’s why we have to attend some points when we try to connect to them:

1)      Introducing their original personality to them:

It has to be described to them that who are they? Who are the members of his family and caste? What is his religious and national identity? Helping them to discover the answers of these questions could conduct them to the original and desired manner of life. The Muslim first class students have to know himself and his religious identity which is the heritage of the Grand Prophet of Islam and his sons. If these students know more about the Islamic scholars such as Bin Sina or Faraabi, they will never follow the foreign scientists who are in challenge and struggle with our religion and culture.

2)       Drawing a comprehensive plan and calculation of the recommended ways to achieve it:

This is the second level which includes the comprehensive map of his destination and future to him. But replying these two questions should be proportionate to his level of realize and in a logical shape. Hence, in this level also, it is better to prevent the wrong educational ways such as punishment or order. Because this kind of students never accepts and obeys the emotional suddenly decisions. The causes have to be described to them before advising them to do or not to do some works and they have to be convinced logically. It is better to use two patterns in this level. First one is the Imam of Mosque who is the symbol of religious people and leader to the students. The second person could be someone who is successful in academic activities. This issue causes to transmit this fact that there is no gap between the academic educated people and Imams. Both of them follow the same way to achieve well being.

3)      The rejections cause of the opponent movement against Islam:

This is the third step which tries to keep students safe from the cultural invasion against our culture. This issue is a real threat against our existence and religion in various frontiers including practical and scientific. Neglecting of this fact could cause to inexistence of the attempts and efforts of our students after many years of traverse to mosques. In this level we have to explain our reasons for rejection of the interfering exotic cultures.



explaining the current conditions and giving a full description of the ways which end to our defined goals is necessary. Conducting students have to be based on the Islamic teachings and principles. It will be done by the Imams of mosques by attention to their predominant social and religious role. 

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