Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and orphans day


In the Name of Allah The Merciful, The Compassionate

Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessing be upon our Leader and Guide Muhammad and his pure Progeny.

In this blessed night, we gather to celebrate the birth of the Prophet of God which resembled the new dawn to all Mankind, when the radiant sun of his Prophethood shined luminously to spread its rays in all the corners of the World.

He was born during the Year of the Elephant, as it is known, and upon his arrival all Idols fell down to the ground and the Fires of Persia which were worshipped, sanctified and revered were extinguished, while Khosrou's Throne shock while he was seated upon it.

A bright light also appeared during his birth which and shined upon the world. The Angels during that time were constantly descending and ascending from Heaven, praising and glorifying the Al-Mighty One and Only amid the muddling and falling stars as a sign of his coming into this World.

Satan along with his army were secluded from entering heaven and were chased away by meteors and shooting stars.

His Grandfather Abdul-Muttalib, came to receive the newly born and upon casting the first look at him, he kissed him and repeated the following words: "Praise be to the Al-Mighty who brought you out to us, since we have been promised your arrival. Therefore let it be known that after this blessed day I no longer worry if I was to inflicted by death or otherwise. The newly born then smiled at his mother and grandfather as if he was one year of age.

Abdul-Muttalib told his mother upon sighting such reaction by the newly born: O' Amenah protect this child for he shall enjoy a great rank and status. People then began to flock the house to great Abdul-Muttalib.

The Prophet of God was raise through the disciplined bestowed upon him by his Gracious Creator. This discipline was perfect and flawless.

Imam Saddiq said: "It was God who disciplined his beloved Prophet, verily He had perfected his moral discipline and upon perfecting his moral discipline God declared: O' Muhammad, verily you have excellent moral standards".

God then assigned to him the affairs of religion and the people to guide them. God said: "Whatsoever the Apostle has brought to you, take it and whatsoever he has forbid you to do, abstain from it"

The Prophet of God was divinely guided, greatly successful, supported and endorsed by the Holy Spirit, thus he never committed an error or defect in any matter relating to the guidance and administration of God's servants. Thus assuming a divinely disciplined character.

The Prophet was an exemplary figure in all matter of moral reform. The scholars of Islam had in fact recorded his noble traits and distinguished characteristics. The Prophet as it is reported on the authority of his Household use to make the good better and strengthen it and use to denounce infamy and weaken it. Never had he spared any effort in backing away from the truth, nor did he ever disregarded it in preference to anything else.

The best of people before him, was he who is all-embracing with advise, and the greatest of people in ranking as far as he is concerned was he who excelled in beneficence and support to others.

He never sat down or stood up save while the remembrance of God was always on his lips. When he reached a gathering, he would only sit wherever the gathering ended and he called upon people to do so. He would offer all his guests their proper share of hospitality to an extent that non among them would have the slightest feeling that any one else other than him was more closer to the Holy Prophet.

If a person sat with him, he would endure with forbearance until that person would be the first to leave out of his own accord. Whoever asked him for anything he would never turn him down unless and until he satisfies and fulfills his need or at least bestow upon him a gracious word.

He was like a father to his people, and they were all equal before him. His gathering was one which was characterized by mildness, clemency, respect honesty and patience. Voices were never raised high in his presence nor were prohibitions celebrated or praised in front of him.

As for his conduct and demeanor among those who were seated in his presence was that he was always the bearer of gladtidings, he was complaisant, gentle-hearted, never harsh or overbearing, nor was he ever boisterous, lewd, critic or a flatterer.

He disregarded what he desired. People never despaired with him, nor had he ever failed those who had entertained hope in him. He had kept himself well away from three things: Quarrel, Plurality and never to interfere in what concerned him not. He had also abstained from three things : Never to defame anyone, never criticize others and never condemn nor trace the shortcomings of anyone. He would not speak except in what he aspired to be rewarded for . When ever he spoke, his guests would always listen with their heads bowing down as if birds had landed over it until he finishes. They would only reply after he had gone silent out of respect to him.

They would never argue or quarrel in his presence. He would smile at what make them happy and takes surprise to what amazes them. He exercised forbearance upon a foreigner who happens to be coarse in speech and attitude and would never interrupt anyone's speech.

He was continually in grief, constantly meditating, knows no rest and never speaks unless necessary and was often observed resorting to silence.

But when he spoke, he spoke comprehensively without curiosity or deficiency. He praised and appreciated God's gifts upon him and had never criticized anything. The World never made him angry or frustrated and was never to show fury on his own behalf nor would he render revenge for himself

He was eager to spread knowledge and awareness and would declare: "Let those who are here communicate and inform the message to those who are absent".

He was often heard saying: "Inform me about the needs of those who are not capable of communicating their needs directly to me, for if anyone advises a Ruler about the wants of a needy person who is unable to communicate them in person, God will consolidate and firm his feet on the day of Judgment".

He use to set among his companions, where the new comer would fail to single him out from the crowd until he asks where is setting.

He use to say: "I am the one who was disciplined by God, and Ali was the one whom I have raised and disciplined. My Lord has commanded me to be generous and kind, and had ordered me to abstain from greed and harshness. Nothing is more detestable by Al-Mighty God more than greed and ill-manners, for they tarnish good deeds just like vinegar spoils honey".

Whenever Ail(A) wanted to praise the Prophet he would say: "He was the best in charity and spending among the people, the best in saying and uttering the truth, the best in keeping his word and promise, the best gentle-hearted and the best noble-minded of associates. Who ever sees him unexpectedly for the first time will be overcome by reverence towards him and whosoever associates with him will verily admire him. I HAVE NEVER BEFORE OR AFTER SEEN SOMEONE LIKE UNTO HIM".

As for his courage Ali(A) also stated the following: "Whenever the two side confronted one another and the Battle grew fierce, we always sought refuge and protection behind him, until there was no one closer to the enemies than him".

Such traits and noble characteristics, hence there are many others, are a true reflection and attestation to God's depiction of the Holy Prophet when He said: "Surely, O' Muhammad you possess excellent moral standards".

In fact Allah has assigned to the Prophet an angel since the time he was an infant to guide him to noble manners, as it has been narrated by Ali(A) and corroborated by the tradition which reads that the Arch Angel Gibrail (A) came down to earth prior to the Messenger of God being bestowed upon with Prophethood to greet him with the following salutation: He addressed the Prophet and said: " Peace and blessing be upon you O' Muhammad, peace be upon you O' Ahmad, Peace be upon you O' Haa'med, Peace be upon you O' Mahmoud, Peace be upon you O' Taha, Peace be upon you O' you who is enveloped in garments, Peace be upon you O' Master, O' Master, Peace be upon you O' you who is the Sun of this World, Peace be upon you O' who is the light of this World and the Hereafter, Peace be upon you O' you who is the Sun of the Day of Judgment, Peace be upon you O' you who is the Seal of all Prophets, Peace be upon you O' you who is the In Intercessor on behalf of sinners, Peace be upon you O' you who is the Bearer of the Qur'an. Peace be upon you O' you who is the Performer of Homage and Pilgrimage, Peace be upon you O' you who is the rightful Holder of the Kabaa's black stone corner and Ibrahim's footprint stand. Peace be upon you O' Aba Al-Qasim, Peace be upon you O' you who is the Key to Paradise, Peace be upon you O' who is the Torch bearer of Faith, Peace be upon you O' who is the Commander of the River of Abundance. Blessed be he who believes in YOU".

After being bestowed by Prophethood, He took on the task of delivering the message and he began a movement towards major enforcing changes.

If, therefore we probe into the biography of the Prophet in particular and other Messengers in general, we will find that their Apostolic mission amid there respective societies and nations were but movements of reform which brought changes to the heart of the living reality which was polluted by the impurities of ignorance which is enveloped by its jet-black dark and oppressive garment.

That is why we find that Prophet Noah(P), Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad revealed laws were legistlations which had been revealed to regulate and reform life as a whole after obliterating all notions of ignorance and Pagan Customs.

The law which deepens the connection with God and strengthens the relationship between Man, His Creator and his Society.

Verily their mission will face many hurdles and will be confronted by fortified wall fortresses, and trickery plans which will be designed and executed to irrevocably crush and destroy the Prophets divine message.

God has depicted such plotting as something that is out of the ordinary to the extent that he said that the Mountains which are considered the pivots holding the earth in place and which resemble force and stability could in fact come tumbling down in horror of such plans and plotting.

Noah for example Called his people to follow God's way for 950 years. Day and night, overtly and covertly, but non believed in his message save for 80 people.

Abraham was imprisoned by the Tyrant Ruler during his time and his people began collecting logs of firewood constantly for over one month where men and women, young and old worked non-stop to burn Abraham by throwing him into a huge fire. They finally threw him into the fire but God turned the fire on Abraham into a cool and safe place. Look at such abhorrent plotting, a small fire would have done the job so to speak, but it is only spite and deceit which leads people carry out such action filled with hatred.

Plotting then went on against Mosses and Jesus, however God caused Pharaoh and his Army to drown in the Red Sea and saved Jesus also by raising him to Heaven.

As for our Prophet Muhammad, he confronted collective plotting which stopped at no boundaries and it is still continuing until this very day.

They alleged that he was a Sorcerer, a Magician, and Insane. They placed their men at the entrances of the City of Mecca to warn each and every person that enters the Holy City about the lies of the new Prophet and his false claims. ALTHOUGH, THEY HAD NOT LONG AGO, IN FACT JUST PRIOR TO RECEIVING THE MESSAGE. CONFERRED UPON HIM VOLUNTARILY TWO TITLES: THE TRUSTWORTHY, THE TRUTHFUL.

All their attempt failed, thus the recalcitrant and arrogant leaders of Mecca resorted to the enforcement of an Economic Boycott. They met at a place called the Meeting House, Dar Al-Nadwah. They signed a treaty which was hand written by MANSOUR IBN HI'SHAM and it was then taken to the Holy House and Hanged the accord inside the KA'BBA.

They formed a treaty of alliance stating that the Tribes of Qu'raish will be strictly pound by its articles till death.

The Articles were:

1) Not to sell or buy to and from the Helpers and Supporters of the Prophet anything whatsoever.

2) No marriages will take place between either sides.

3) No deals, offers of food or discourse to take place with them

4) To join forces against Muhammad and his Followers.

When Abu-Taleb (The Prophet's uncle) learnt of the accord, he summoned the Family members of Ha'shim and Al-Muttalib, and told them to bear the responsibility of defending the Prophet. He then demanded from them to go and join them at the Mountain Trial which was later came to be known as Abu-Taleb's Mountain Trail.

The Boycott lasted for three(3) consecutive years. Until God ordained that a termite would eat up the accord accept for the words "In the Name of Thy Lord"

Following the failure of the Boycott, which was indeed severe upon the Prophet and the Family of Ha'shim, these very Tyrants met yet again and focused their attention to a satanic plot which God referred to as"AND REMEMBER, WHEN THE DISBELIEVES PLOTTED AGAINST YOU(O' MUHAMMAD) TO IMPRISON YOU, KILL YOU, OR DRIVE YOU OUT(FROM YOUR HOME, I.E. MECCA), THEY WERE PLOTTING AND ALLAH TOO WAS PLANNING AND ALLAH IS VERILY THE BEST OF THE PLANNERS".

This verse actually related the story of a group of Meccans who met at, Dar Al-Nadwah, and plotted against the Prophet(P.B.U.H).

Ur'wah bin Hi'sham, said: "We shall await for the unpredictable turn of fortune to rid us of him", while Abu-Albakhtari said: "Drive him out and you shall free yourselves from his wrath". Abu-Jah'l suggested: " This is not wise what you are deciding on, Kill him instead. Gather a young man from each tribe and let them jointly strike him together as one hit. just like the strike of a one man hit...".

Gibrail was immediately ordered by the Al-Mighty to descend upon the Prophet to inform him to leave Mecca and to order Ali to sleep in his place.

Thus God word was Supreme, God said:


Speech By: Sayyed Hashem Nasrullh

Occasion: Birthday of Prophet Muhamad (SAW) & Orphans Day

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