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Imam Khamenei:

Imam Hassan (a.s.) prevented the Islamic movement from entering contaminated channel of sultanate

Imam Hassan (a.s.) prevented the Islamic movement from entering contaminated channel of sultanate.

The Center of Mosque Studies - Imam Hassan Al- Mujtaba’s peace treaty was drafted shrewdly so that Islam and the Islamic movement would not enter the corrupt channel of so-called Caliphate, which in reality had become a Sultanate—a monarchy. This was Imam Hassan's (a.s.) art. Imam Hassan Al-Mujtaba (a.s.) delineated the peace treaty so that the original Islamic movement—which started in Mecca and resulted in the formation of an Islamic government, lasting through the time of the Commander of the Faithful (a.s.), and himself—would continue into another passage. If not in the form of a government—which wasn’t possible anymore—at least in the form of a movement. This marked the third era of Islam.

Islam became a movement again. The original Islam, the pure Islam, the anti-oppression Islam, the uncompromising Islam, the unmodified Islam—which is not a tool in the service of desires, remained intact. Nonetheless, it remained in the form of a movement. That is to say, at the time of Imam Hassan (a.s.) the idea of Islamic revolution—which went through a period of being culminated in power and governance—reverted to being a movement.
Of course now, the movement had a much harder task ahead compared to the time of the Prophet (p.b.u.h.). For the reason that, those who were crying out loud for the religion wore the apparent garment of religion while they did not care for religion. This is where the difficulty for our infallible Imams lied.

Speech for the people on 15th of Ramadan
April 11, 1990
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