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The national day of the fight against global arrogance;

Slogans of " Hayhat minna al-dhilla" and "death to America” echoed in streets of Iran

The march of the 13th day of Aban with the fundamental slogans of " Hayhat minna al-dhilla" (never to humiliation!) and "death to America", more passionate than ever held throughout Iran.

The Center of Mosque Studies - The march of the 13th day of Aban, the day of the declaration of the persistence and resistance of the revolutionary people in Iran against the cruelty and evil of the bloodthirsty America, and against global arrogance with slogans of " Hayhat minna al-dhilla" (never to humiliation!) and "death to America"more passionate than ever held in different cities of Islamic republic of Iran.

The ceremony began in Tehran with the massive presence of students, University's students and different strata of the people in front of the former US spy nest located at Ayatullah Taleghani Avenue, at the intersection of hahid Mofatteh Street, and participants with the slogans "death to America", "death to Britain", "death to Israel", " death to arrogance", " Hayhat minna al-dhilla" "and ... showed their hatred toward the criminal acts of the United States.

The speech of Major General Jafari, the commander-in-chief of the Islamic revolutionary guards corps, will be among the other programs of the ceremony.

According to the deputy head of the coordinating council of Islamic propagation office, more than 4,000 photographers, cameramen and journalists throughout the country cover the Aban 13th Yumm Allah's  “God's day” ceremony and they’ll announce the voice of the Iranian nation to the hearts of the world, especially against bloodthirsty America.
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