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Final Round of Quran Memorization Contest in UK Slated for Sunday

The Grand Final of the 2nd annual UK Quran Memorization Competition will be taking place in London on Sunday, December 9.

The Center of Mosque Studies - The London Islamic Cultural Society, based in Wightman Road in North London will host the event, expected to start immediately after Dhuhr (noon) prayers (1pm).

A total of 25 finalists will be competing for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in three separate categories respectively (memorization of 5 Juzes, 15 Juzes and 30 Juzes).

Earlier this year, over 200 contestants took part in the regional rounds of the inaugural competition across London, Midlands, Lancashire and Yorkshire. The remaining 25 finalists managed to secure their places in the Grand Final, according to Ilmfeed.

The contestants must recite portions of the Quran from memory and will be judged by five international and national adjudicators. Contestants will be asked to recite from a selection of portions from anywhere in the Quran which they will only told about during the competition.

This annual competition has been organized by the National Huffadh (memorizers) Association UK which was established in 2016 and is a leading organization in catering for those who are memorizing or have already memorized the Quran. They have over 3,000 Huffadh registered on their database and provide a wide range of services for the local and national community.

International guests will attend the event including Mufti Mohammed Wasim Khan (USA), Qari Abdalah Daudi (Tanzania) and Qari Ilyaas Badat (India). The main charity and event partner is Muslim Charity, which is a global organization who provide relief and educational services around the world.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd position winners will win cash prizes. The 1st position winner of the 30 Juz category will also win a FREE Umrah prize, which has been sponsored by Council of British Hajis UK.


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